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Due to the increase of Covid in our area, we will only be doing interviews by phone.  To get a Thursday Phone Interview you must

call 540 898 8065 Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. 

                                              Assistance is only provided after a Thursday Interview.  Please follow instructions below:

  • Call  540 898 8065.  This number is only connected  to an answering machine.
  • Please leave your name, what you need assistance with and a phone number where you can be reached and that takes a blocked number. 
  • Our Volunteers only call you back from a blocked number.  
  • A volunteer will ask for you address.   Your phone number will be double checked.  What you need assistance with will be reviewed.  You will be asked for the best time for an interviewer to call you on Thursday.
  • Thursday interviews will be calls from an interviewer on a blocked number as close to your requested time as is possible.
  • Please remember,  all of our members are volunteers and are doing their best to help.
  • Payments are made directly to the company or property owner if rent.  Payments are never made to client. 
  • Bills & Leases must be in client's name.   Company or landlord must be notified that we will be calling.
  • For Rent requests client will need to provide the name, address, and phone number of the property owner.  Client will need to notify landlord that we will be calling.  Bring Eviction notice if there is one.
  • Utility bills should show current balance.
  • We do not assist with Motels, Phone or Cable bills 
  • Following an interview, it may take as long as 3 business days to make our pledge.
  • For information following an interview, call 540-898-8065.  Say, "I'm calling for the Treasure".  Leave you name, phone number and assistance promised.  You will be called back from a volunteer on a blocked phone number.

Please Do not call Eastland United Methodist Church!  They are  loaning St. Vincent de Paul their space to interview.