For additional information and other agencies that provide assistance click the buttons that apply to you:  Please be aware that some of these agencies may have closed due to the Virus.


  • We DO NOT assist with motel, phone or cable bills.
  • The bill or lease must be in your name & you must notify the company or landlord that we will be calling. 
  • Payments are made directly to the company or owner of the property.  No funds are distributed at an interview.
  • Following an interview, it may take as long as 3 business days following your payment and notification to our hotline       (540-898-8065) for us to pay a pledge.
  •  Assistance is Only provided with a Thursday Phone Interview. 


Food Resources

Financial Resources

Other Resources

Assistance Interviews by Phone will Start Thursday March 26th. 

Thursday Interview Appointments can be made by Calling 540-898-8065 Monday-Wednesday of each week.  There will be a Limit to the number of Appointments available.

  Our all Volunteer staff will Return Calls from Blocked Phone Numbers. 

Make sure your phone will take Blocked Numbers and your Answering Machine is Not full.