• We DO NOT assist with motel, phone or cable bills.
  • The bill or lease must be in your name & you must notify the company or landlord that we will be calling.
  • All Payments are made directly to the company or owner of the property. 
  • Following an interview, it may take as long as 3 business days following your payment.  For information after an interview,  please call 540-898-8065.  Please say, "I'm calling for the Treasurer.",  leave your name and phone number.
  •  Assistance is Only provided with a Thursday Phone Interview. 

Food Resources Updated 8/9/20

Financial Resources Updated 2/12/20

Other Resources

Asistance Interviews are Now being done Thursday by Phone  

  • Call 540-898-8065 Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday  for a Thursday  interview time slot
  • Please say, "I'm calling for an interview." ,  leave your name and phone number.
  • Make sure yoru Phone will accept Blocked numbers and your Answering Machine is not full.
  •  A volunteer will return you call from a Blocked number to setup your Thursday interview time slot.  
  •  An Interviewer will contact you on Thursday during you time slot also from a Blocked number.  
  • Only 30 families a week will be Interviewed.                                                                                                                                                

If you need help with past due Rent or Utilities due to Covid-19 , also, try these organizaions:

  • The Salvation Army-540-373-3431.  You must qualify and funds are  limited to $1,000.  Also ask about Energy Share Assistance for your Electric or gas bill.
  • ThriveVa- 804-966-8720.  You must qualify and cooperate with reporting requests, but they may be able to provide major assistance.
  • The Alice Project through United Way  540-373-0041 x300 or 540-358-5801.  You must qualify and cooprate with reporting requests, but they may be able to provide major assistance.