Areas We Serve ...

Assistance we can provide ...

*Need a JOB?    Here is a list of area businesses that we know of are looking for employees:

  • Clothing

  • Food

  • Medicine

  • Rent

  • Utility Bill Payments

  • Other Financial Needs

  • City of Fredericksburg

  • Spotsylvania County

  • Stafford County

  • King George County

  • Caroline County

*Those receiving Unemployment benefits you will need to report weekly job searches.

*If you lost a love one to Covid-19 and paid for Funeral Expenses, you can apply to have $7,000 returned.

*Complete an application for assistanace with a Water Bill if you have fallen behind due to Covid-19.  Click on your locality:

*Energy Share can help with Electric Bills.  If you live in the City of Fredericksburg application is made to Social Services (540- 372-1032).  If you live in Stafford application is made through S.E.R.V.E. (540-288-9603).  For Spotsylvania, King George & Caroline apply at the Salvation Army (540-373-3431).